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12 Responses to Contact

  1. ayush says:

    Its a typo, you have written “Conact”

  2. Keith Pawson says:


    I just want thank you and congratulate you on this site together with the audio and video content. I’m learning some things that I’ve not known about before and I enjoy your teaching style!!

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next topic.


  3. Hey, plain/text screencast is way better than static video. You can use copy/paste at least. Check out for this.

  4. computothought says:

    Just wondering what you use to record your videos. They seem wonderfully small.

  5. dogphlap says:

    Just to let you know free -h does not work in all cases.
    I run Mythbuntu12.04 which does not support the -h switch, it does support -m -k etc. Running free -V gives the version information i.e.

    dogphlap@dogphlap-P5Q-PRO:~$ free -V
    procps version 3.2.8

    Thanks for an informative podcast.

    Best regards dogphlap.

  6. Bill_MI says:

    A quick note for Dan… (I took a guess)
    …isn’t public yet. And episode 12 is linked from 13’s page.

    Thanks for a great reference series!

    • dannSWashko says:

      Ack! I think I know what happened. I had this post open on two different systems and when I saved the original with the video in place all was good. Later I guess I must have saved the post on the other system without the video embedded and the link changed.

  7. Bill_MI says:

    Hi Dann, I hate being the bad news guy but just doesn’t exist yet.

    Thanks for all you do!

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